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Kohler & Campbell SKG500 | Mahogany Polish | $125/mo

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Sale Price: $4900
Price After 3 Months' Credit: $4525
Price After 6 Months' Credit: $4150
Description: Stunning Grand Piano! Beautiful high polish mahogany finish like new inside and out. It's a newer model with very little use. It has a quick action which is really fun to play and a sound that lends itself to classical and other various styles of music. The parent company of Kohler & Campbell now owns 1/3 of the Steinway company so the future is looking bright for the brand. Come check it out! Comes with a bench and a 5 year warranty. The best part is it's on the Play Period for $150 a month for 3 or 6 months. Always wanted to try a grand? Now is your chance! All your money will follow you into a purchase or a swap. Reserve it today and we still have Christmas Eve delivery available!
Kohler & Campbell SKG500
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Serial No: IJKG0482