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Wurlitzer Spinet | Marbleized Distressed Ebony | $30/mo

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Sale Price: $1295
Price After 6 Months' Credit: $1115
Price After 9 Months' Credit: $1025
Price After 12 Months' Credit: $935
Description: The photos really capture the marbling technique that we used for this piano. Think of it like a cool ebony satin finish with some subtle brown marble showing through, and top it off with some distressed edging. A fine piece! It is sure to fit perfect in almost any home. Take it home for just $30 a month for up to 12 months. There are not a lot of better deals out there. Call us or just click the "I Want This Piano" tab and get the ball rolling to get it out to your house in no time.
Wurlitzer Spinet
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Serial No: 1244266