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Kawai KG-2S | Walnut | $0/mo

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Sale Price: $5900

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Description: This beautiful Kawai Artisan Grand stands at 5'10". KG-2S models are known for their lovely mellow, voicing, and great action. Kawai grands can be found in conservatories, concert halls, and the homes of many professional players around the world. The elegant walnut satin finish of this piano will look great in any home giving an elegant touch to any parlor. Reserve today simply by clicking the "I Want This Piano!" button!
Kawai KG-2S
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Serial No: 1838656

Kohler & Campbell Petite Baby Grand | Mahogany Polish

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Retail Price: $4850
Sale Price: $3995
Your Total Savings: $855
Description: Here's the steal of the year! This is a newer Kohler & Campbell baby grand piano made by Samick, one of the largest and most respected piano manufactures in the world. It's a bit smaller than a baby grand so it will fit in homes where people are concerned about space. You don't have to get rid of your dining room table (well...maybe you still will!). The finish is a dark polished mahogany which is just stunning- sure to add appeal to your home decor. It plays wonderfully, and our technician is pulling out all the stops to make it play like a high end piano. It comes tuned and regulated with a warranty! Bench is also included! We have it priced so low that you'll be hard pressed to find even a lower quality baby grand piano at this price point! We can arrange delivery for you, and will even give you a free tuning once it gets to your house. Seriously, you aren't going to beat this deal!
Kohler & Campbell Petite Baby Grand
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Serial No: IKJAG0021

Kohler & Campbell SKG500 | Mahogany Polish | $125/mo

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Sale Price: $4900
Price After 3 Months' Credit: $4525
Price After 6 Months' Credit: $4150
Description: Stunning Grand Piano! Beautiful high polish mahogany finish like new inside and out. It's a newer model with very little use. It has a quick action which is really fun to play and a sound that lends itself to classical and other various styles of music. The parent company of Kohler & Campbell now owns 1/3 of the Steinway company so the future is looking bright for the brand. Come check it out! Comes with a bench and a 5 year warranty. The best part is it's on the Play Period for $150 a month for 3 or 6 months. Always wanted to try a grand? Now is your chance! All your money will follow you into a purchase or a swap. Reserve it today and we still have Christmas Eve delivery available!
Kohler & Campbell SKG500
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Serial No: IJKG0482

Sherman Clay SDG2 | Ivory Polish

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Retail Price: $5600
Sale Price: $3900
Your Total Savings: $1700
Description: Beautiful Ivory Sherman Clay 6'1" Parlor Grand Piano. We are helping a client sell this instrument and they are looking for a quick sale. To help things along, we took the liberty of giving it a full concert prep including tuning, regulation, voicing and detailing. We also backed this piano with a 2 year warranty against any defects in craftmanship or materials. If you have the space, and your decor accommodates the ivory look, this piano wants to meet you!
Sherman Clay SDG2
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Serial No: G018656

Weber WG-57 | Ebony Polish

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Retail Price: $8900
Sale Price: $5500
Your Total Savings: $3400
Description: Classic Ebony Weber Artist grand by Young Chang. One owner, immaculate condition, acclimated to the Arizona climate and carries a 5 year parts and labor warranty. At 5'7", it takes up slightly more space than a traditional baby grand but it offers a much larger and richer tone. Your player will appreciate the level of care our technicians take when preparing a piano like this for the showroom. Balancing and leveling keys, voicing any overly bright notes, applying non stick teflon to the felts to prevent sticking or sluggish keys in the future, and fine tuning it before and after delivery. This piano currently retails for twice our asking price so it's a real opportunity to get a very fine piano and save a ton of money! Click the "I want this piano" button above, call us to finalize the sale by phone, or head over to the store to finish the deal. Available for immediate delivery.
Weber WG-57
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Serial No: G106955

Young Chang Baby Grand | Ebony Polish

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Retail Price: $5900
Sale Price: $4350
Your Total Savings: $1550
Description: Young Chang baby grand in classic ebony polish. The piano is like new and the price is right, don't pay double for a new one until you've seen this piano! When you flip through the photos you'll notice right away how clean and new it looks. This piano was kept in really good shape by it's previous owner and that means it will be in great shape when you get it! We've got a 2 year store warranty on it, and it comes with a full tuning/prepping before delivery. Give us a call to schedule a time to come by and play it and we'll be ready to deliver it within a couple of days.
Young Chang Baby Grand
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Serial No: CG0002934